Monday, October 24, 2016

Yankee Doodle - Donald Trump Style

In this age of talking points, stunted discourse, and politicking-by-twitter, it's easy to lose sight of the beauty of the English language at its best. In the spirit of making politics more eloquent (while at the same time lightening up the mood), I've put my thoughts on my favored presidential candidate into verse, to the familiar tune of Yankee Doodle:

A New York Yankee tried and true,
who earned a lofty station,
who loves the red and white and blue
and treasures freedom's nation.
Twenty thousand he employs;
his wealth is in the billions.
He shares the bounty he enjoys
with soldiers and civilians.

When he look’d at our statesmen
and saw their poor condition,
to make our country great again
became his only mission.
Seventy's a ripe old age
to brave the grand election.
The Donald's mind is sharp and sage;
his health is all perfection.

Donald Trump will build a wall
along the southern border.
He'll build it beautiful and tall
with steel and bricks and mortar.
Donald Trump will take a stand
for legal immigration;
he'll bring the jobs back to our land
and safety to our nation.

Our country's lost respect abroad,
The world can barely hear us.
In Moscow, Beijing and Riyadh
our foes no longer fear us.
Clinton goes to ev'ry length
to understate the crisis,
but Trump will bring us peace thru strength
and cut the head off ISIS!

He'll bomb the hell out of Iraq
and take away their oil;
our troops will know he's got their back
when ISIS' plans are foil'd.
Never shall we drop our guns
to kneel before Jihadis;
our enemies will be the ones
who count their comrades’ bodies!

We'll get the truth from Donald Trump
while Clinton's lies are leaking,
For we know when he takes the stump
it’s from the heart he’s speaking.
Here’s a man who’s never shy
to say the controversial;
'tis better far than one fresh lie
with ev'ry new commercial!

He's hir’d the best of personnel:
The Trump Organization.
And we know he'll do just as well
with his administration.
If things ever get too far
in foul corruption mired,
he'd find out who the culprits are
and then he'd say 'You're fired!'

And to our highest Court he'll name
originalist judges,
whose Constitution stays the same
so freedom never budges.
Vindicating each who fights
to keep and bear his rifle,
and with our sacred Bill of Rights
the Feds will never trifle.

The outcome far from certain is,
for Trump we labor daily.
But if we make the vict'ry his
we'll sing our triumph gaily.
And the joyous prize we win
shall live in song and story!
America made great again
in all her shining glory!

And the joyous prize we win
shall live in song and story!
America made great again
in all her shining glory!


  1. NOT sure about the truthfulness of all that jibber jabber in that article. One thing is for sure though... This country's economy will not make it through another democratic president. As more monies are removed from the overall economic cash flow through increased taxation, the productivity of the manufacturing sector and the reduced spending ability (due to less or lower paying jobs) of the general population will slow this nations economy down to a crippling crawl.
    Undoubtedly, Hillary would work to enact stronger gun control, forward gay and abortion right, and allow for more U.S. jobs to be taken by non-citizens.

    Those are the important reasons you keep her out of office. And people need to stop sounding off with such silly self interested ideas and start thinking of the nation as a whole.
    'There! I showed them how I can vote however I want. I voted a write-in candidate of Arnold Ziffel.'
    Three years later...
    'How am I going to get by with all this taxation and now they're taking my gun away.'

    Think about what you'll inflict on yourself and others just because you wanted to vote YOUR WAY!!

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