Saturday, October 8, 2016

Why I'm Still Supporting Trump

I write this blog post in response to a recent scandal involving leaked audiotapes of Donald Trump discussing his many adulterous affairs. While I am certainly dismayed by these revelations, I am not surprised by them, and I stand firm in my support for the Republican candidate for President of the United States.

I have no illusions regarding Mr. Trump's lewd and lascivious private conduct. I knew of it in the primary, when there were still virtuous men in the running, and I voted for one of Trump's opponents. That he is a rake is beyond question, but I will not allow the dark underside of Donald Trump's personal history to distract me from what this election is really about.

Sordid as they may be, the private lives of politicians should not take precedence over the things they intend to do with the powers they seek. Anyone who has voted for John McCain, who is an adulterer, or who admires the legacy of Ronald Reagan, the first divorced president, can understand this. There are two people who might win in November. One of them, for all his flaws, has nonetheless shown a sincere desire to stand up for the rights of Americans. The other is openly hostile to everything that conservatives such as myself believe in.

The addition of another womanizer to our nation's list of presidents simply does not compare to the abolition of free speech, religious liberty, and second and tenth amendment rights that would surely be accomplished under Hillary Clinton and her chosen bureaucrats and judges. A solid majority of five liberal Supreme Court Justices would strike down the Hyde Amendment and break down all other right-of-conscience barriers that prevent religious people like myself from having to engage in activities which are repugnant to us.

In a country where decent men and women are in the minority, we can't survive without allies among the heathen. I see Mr. Trump as one of those allies.

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