Monday, October 7, 2019

New Blog: Twilight Patriot

It’s been almost three years since I last posted on this blog - basically, since the ruckus of the 2016 election died down - and I didn't think it was getting any visitors anymore. Now that I've realized that I was wrong about that, it makes sense for me to let my readers know about my new blog, Twilight Patriot.

I have been blogging at Twilight Patriot since February of this year. You can visit the site here. As of today, there are 39 posts (I usually add a new one once each week). If you are interested in the highlights, some of my favorite posts are:

The Blind Men and the Elephant – The decline of Western civilization is too large and multifaceted for any one man to comprehend. When we all reach out and feel different causes and consequences, we may all be in the right.

How the Federal Reserve has Replaced the American Worker – If there were no trade deficits, there would be no loss of jobs overseas. But by allowing America to export fiat money in lieu of actual goods or services, the Federal Reserve has made workers unnecessary.

A Time To Be Brave – The father of a girl whose gender has been changed by court order could take his daughter and flee to Russia. Or he could remain in a country where speaking his child’s name is a thoughtcrime. It’s his choice.

Second Letter of April 2019 – In which I write to a local paper about a ‘story whose most notable feature may be its strange lack of coverage in the mainstream press.’

What I am Celebrating on Independence Day – Today, I will honor the memory of Washington, Jefferson, and the other brave men who waged the War of Independence. But I will not insult the Founders by claiming that the form of government they established is the same one that exists at the present day.

For anybody who’s still following me, I hope you’ll be as happy with the new blog as you were with the old one!

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